I am considering purchasing a mid 2009 Macbook Pro - 13", 2.53 GHz.

However, someone advised me to beware of the NVIDIA graphics card problem they had in 'that time frame'. As I understand, the video would go out or flicker and in general make the machine hard to use.

After much google, it seems that the problem happened during the 2008 time frame - see here and here and here.

I can't seem to find a single case where a 2009 MBP failed due to the graphics card. Since I'm thinking about purchasing, I would like some confirmation that, indeed, 2009 13" Macbook Pros were NOT affected by the NVIDIA graphics problem.

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The 2009 models do not have the affected chipset.

Apple publishes all repair extension and other "recall" type news at this page:

You can use a tool like the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive to look at the contents of that page back to at least 2007 if you are curious if there was a program earlier and it's no longer on the main site.


Yes, I have a mid 2009 15" macbook pro and this is hard to type b/c my screen is full of horizontal flickering. The problem has persisted for weeks now, and at the genius bar I was informed that this model is now an "antique", & that repairs (new logic board, since the graphics card is integrated) can no longer be done.

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