All my docs are in:


I want to put them on dropbox through symbolic link so I created this empty folder:


Then used this command to create a symbolic link:

ls -s /Users/Joe/Documents/Mydocs /Users/Joe/Dropbox/Mydocs

The destination folder is still empty, what can I do to properly make the link?

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Your command is wrong.

It is not ls -s, but ln -s


As Vincent points out, the proper command is ln -s, not ls -s. In addition to that, ln will throw an error if the target of the link (in this case, the Mydocs folder in Dropbox) already exists.

The proper way to do this is to delete /Users/Joe/Dropbox/Mydocs, then run ln -s /Users/Joe/Documents/Mydocs /Users/Joe/Dropbox/Mydocs.

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