I'm in a research lab where we're looking to get an iPhone 4s to use as a speedier iPod touch. We don't want a cell phone contract, and we want to avoid jailbreaking or borrowing a SIM card just for activation (unless it's the only option).

When purchasing the unlocked iPhone, there are options for 'No SIM' and 'T-Mobile SIM (without contract)'. Searching the internet has shown that unlocking without a SIM isn't possible. If we get the T-Mobile SIM, will we be able to activate even without a contract ?


If you use the T-Mobile SIM it will only activate the device, it will not create a contract. If you feel safe you can get it without a SIM, head over to the closest Apple Store and ask them to activate the phones using AT&T dummy cards.

Once you activate the phones, I suggest putting the phones in airplane mode and turn on Wifi, otherwise the phone will constantly be searching for signal which will cause the battery to drain.

Good luck.

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