So I recently cleared a lot of space off of my hard drive as a sort of "spring cleaning," and I got it down to less than 40GB, but my computer doesn't seem to agree with itself on that. If I look at the info of my hard drive on my desktop, it gives me this: Hard Drive Info

but when I look at the partition in Disk Utility, it gives me this: Disk Util Partition Inspection

How do I get DiskUtil to realize how small my hard drive is?

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  • I believe that get info excludes anything that's in your bin/trash. – George Pearce Apr 15 '13 at 20:56

Do you have Time Machine enabled? This could be a result of the Time Machine snapshots...

Have you looked at this thread here: How to fix Disk Utility, About This Mac, and Finder that disagree on hard drive space usage?

To disable Time Machine Snapshots :

Open the Terminal from Applications/Utilities Enter : sudo tmutil disablelocal Enter your password at the prompt

  • I'm not sure that it's even necessary to disable Time Machine to get this space back. I think these snapshots are only kept for at most a week and will be delete if you need the disk space anyway (for example if you try to create a large file) – Mike Meyers Apr 15 '13 at 22:59

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