Is there any way to enable automatic reflow of icons in Finder while resizing the window?

One constantly has to to resort via "clean up by ..." after resize.

I've yet to find a piece of software that handles that ridiculous shortcoming of Finder.

  • Now that you point it out, I also am annoyed! – Zo219 Apr 9 '13 at 23:05

If you change your "arrange by" options via "right click" > "arrange by" to any other than "none" spaces between the icons is clinched/stretched according to window size, or icons even get rearranged to the next line if space gets to narrow.

This should be default behaviour without "arrange by" since it kind of breaks list view if active. Sadly Apple rarely listens to customer needs, since they "know what the customer wants".


You can go to Finder>View>Arrange By>Name.

It'll resize in real time if you do that.

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