I'm looking for an incremental backup system on OS X that plays nice with USB NTFS-formatted external HDDs. I am currently using NTFS-3G to work with the HDD, but since Time Machine doesn't work with NTFS drives, I have just been manually copying files from my HDD to back it up (ugh).

I need to use an NTFS drive because I am going back and forth between Windows machines at my school and a Mac at home. I have no permissions at my school to install any Windows software, so I am forced to find an OS X solution.


You can use Time Machine. This page tells how to enable NTFS for writing from Snow Leopard.


CrashPlan is great for Mac backup. But it dose NOT officially support NTFS Drives. There is a workaround. and I have made it work. See here:



I have no experience using the Mac client at all. So I can't say for sure whether it specifically works with an NTFS formatted drive. But CrashPlan has a client that can theoretically do what you want for free.

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