I have data (mostly photos) on an external WD 2Tb drive (about 930gb) I have just installed a 3Tb Lacie drive and want to use it as the TM drive to back up the external WD drive and the Mac HD (very little data on this) While I expected the first back-up to take some time it seems to be running at about 1.2mb sec which seems very slow especially using USB3 etc At this rate the system estimated 8 days to build the new TM drive Is this reasonable or is there something I can do to improve the process speed All comments welcome

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I recently added a 4TB external drive to back up my Mac Pro. I had about 2.4 TB of data in the initial pass of the backup with TM. It took about 9 hours to complete. I'm not sure the initial estimate is accurate, but it does take a very long time on the initial pass. Once that is done though, the incremental updates are very quick.

I think in this case you just have to be patient, and don't pay too much attention to the estimate of completion time.

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