I have a 250Gb Samsung SSD 840 series with Trim support enabled installed on a mid-2009 13" Macbook pro running Snow Leopard (10.6.8, 2.26GHz, 8Gb of RAM) and I experience extremely slow startup after trying to repair my ssd with the disk utility.

My disk was starting to boot a bit slower than usually and There were permission errors that I fixed with the disk utility and then when I verified the disk I saw there were erros so I inserted my Snow Leopard installation DVD and tried to fix them (huge mistake)... The disk utility reported mistakes and said it could not fix the disk, I was afraid of losing my data because but I didn't lose anything.

However when I boot now there is a grey screen for around 30 seconds, then there is the loading progress bar and apple's logo and it takes more than 2 minutes to startup Besides I have no time machine backup because of some external hard drive problems I had recently.

Is there any way for me to fix it without formatting the disk? If I upgrade to Mountain Lion without formatting the drive will it fix the issue?

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The problem may arise because the Disk Utility did not correctly finish the repair of your disk, and by doing so did not give back the boot flag to your SSD.

  1. Go to System Prefences > Startup Disk and select your SSD as a Startup Disk
  2. Try to reboot and see if it changes anything

Else, read this thread with many different, quite helpful inputs:


  • I had tried to choose the Startup Disk first it didn't work, I tried to burn a CD to update the firmware of my SSD and I wasted 2 CDs for nothing. I tried a bunch of things and after booting from an external drive running Mountain Lion and updating it I had to reboot but since it was an external device it restarted on the internal drive and oddly it started booting like before. I don't know how it has been fixed but it works now.
    – esmitex
    Apr 2, 2013 at 8:02

For other users, I had a similar problem: iMac late 2012, factory fusion, first weeks 5 seconds boot, lastly 1 minute). I did a lot of search and whole things like:

But after accessing to System information, I saw a fsck log, which brougth me to this solution. Although some users report that it doesn't work, it worked for me: iMac boots again in 5 sec.


I found out that my problem was due to a failing sata cable. Since I have replaced it, I do not have this problem anymore.

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