I have a MacBook Air which has a built in camera. Is there any simple application (preferably one that comes with Mac OS X) which simply takes a picture and saves it as PNG or JPG?


Yes, the application is called "Photo Booth," and lives, I'm pretty sure, in /Applications/Photo Booth.app

After you've taken a photo, you can drag an image to the desktop or to a folder in the Finder to save as a jpg image.

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ImageSnap is another great command line utility for picture taking or video recording from a connected camera (whether it's your iSight camera or a plugged-in camera). It's a handy little application.

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  • is also available on macports – Andre Holzner Jul 20 '13 at 15:55

Doesn't come pre-installed with OS X but isightcapture supports command-line picture-taking with the built-in (or external) iSight.

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