I cannot find the keys on my mackbook. I need them to go page-up and page-down in irssi (IRC). I have tested the tips here but they do not work. They model some different Up/Down, not the traditional Up/Down as on larger keyboards.

How can I press PageUp and PageDown buttons with Macbook? Irssi is running behind ssh and GNU Screen with UTF8 support.


fn + shift + Up/Down

IIRC in previous versions of Mac OS X (Lion or perhaps earlier), fn had to come first. But I just tested fn vs. shift first and neither had a different effect.

This may be Terminal.app specific, and may not work in iTerm 2. YMMV

  • Thank you! Worked like charm with mountain lion, happy easter! – hhh Mar 29 '13 at 21:11

It took me a while to guess that and I didn't find anything on Google, so at least, if somebody needs it, it's fn + Up/Down in iTerm 2.

  • Brilliant, this saved me! I've used fn-shift-up/down for years and just upgraded to El Capitan and spent several days in confusion... – nmjk May 8 '16 at 2:00
  • Ha, glad I could help! It's weird that this still gets upvotes when I'm not even using a Mac anymore, though. Something missing in iTerm's docs? – F.X. May 8 '16 at 20:42

In Terminal, go to Preferences... > Profiles. Click your 'Default' profile or the one you're currently using. Click the 'Keyboard' tab. Click 'Use Option as meta key'. Now Option-P and Option-N will do page back and page up.

Control-P and Control-N are view page up/down... so it's super nice.


I'm using irssi within tmux on Yosemite.

When using laptop keyboard (no number pad) this works: fn + shift + up/down

or (mojave)

fn + up/down

When using a standard keyboard shift + page up/page down


I'm using irssi on Mavericks. For me it was fn + shift+ Up/Down


On El Capitan with standard keyboard I got just page up/page down buttons to work fine out of the box.

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