My machine crashed and I made a manual backup to an external drive...how can i restore all my user data including mailbox data...am I screwed. I did not use time machine backup to back up my data just did a straight copy of the disk drive to a folder on my external drive


You can get your data back. It might be fairly easy with migration assistant.

There is probably some way of coping the data back & getting your mac to boot.

What OS X are you running?

What you did was drag the Macintosh harddrive Icon on the desktop to the external folder?

You may want to post your question here: https://discussions.apple.com/community/mac_os/mac_os_x_technologies

Or the discussion for your OS X version.

Whatever the case, you will be able to recover your data. You may have to copy over it folder by folder.

I believe that you can use migration assistant to move everything back. Macintosh-HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> Migration Assistant

In that case, re-install the OS. Then run Migration Assistant

What is the state of your machine? Is it working? How did it crash?

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