I've got two smart mailboxes named NEW eric@ and NEW ericgorr@ which contain only new message for corresponding email accounts. I have placed these two smart mailboxes into a smart mailbox folder named Personal. When I select Personal, I see that it will show me the new messages contained in the smart mailboxes it contains as shown in the image:

Working Smart Mailbox Folder

So far, so good. However, I created another smart mailbox folder called Personal 2. When I move the smart mailbox NEW eric@ into Personal 2 and select Personal 2, no messages are displayed as shown in the image:

Not working Smart Mailbox Folder

Anyone know why? Any know what can be done to fix this?

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The update (released today) for Mountain Lion, version 10.8.5, is supposed to, among other things:

Fix an issue that may prevent Mail from displaying messages.

I'd be curious to see, since this issue was never solved, if this update resolves it.

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