Unlike just about every other Mac Program, Alt+delete does not delete the preceding word in Mac Powerpoint 2011. I find this unnecessary inconsistency very annoying.

Is there any way of making Alt+Delete delete a word in Mac Powerpoint?

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Using KeyRemap4MacBook, you could add this to private.xml:

<autogen>__KeyToKey__ KeyCode::DELETE, VK_OPTION, KeyCode::CURSOR_LEFT, ModifierFlag::OPTION_L | ModifierFlag::SHIFT_L, KeyCode::DELETE</autogen>

Further details:

  1. Open KeyRemap4MacBook - Mis & Uninstall - Open private.xml
  2. Edit private.xml and Add the above snippet between <root> and </root>
  3. Go to the change key tab in the KeyRemap4MacBook and press ReloadXML
  4. Then select the "Powerpoint" box under remapping

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