I want to edit the embed security settings in Mountain Lion Server's Wiki Service because with the default settings you can't embed anything on pages, which makes it a lot less useful. We're in a school environment where embedding flash apps, video etc. is the norm - and Wiki Server will normally strip out these tags from web snippets for security reasons.

What happens when the embed tags aren't permitted

I seems that to do this you change:


but I'm not sure how to change it to allow all types of embeds. I'm aware of the security risks but I trust my users on this Server to embed what they need to embed.


I found the Lion Server Advanced Admin Guide which mentioned changing the key FiltersEnabled to False /etc/collabd/collabd.plist. Once I figured that this plist has been moved to /Library/Server/Wiki/Config in Mountain Lion Server from /etc/collabd/ in Lion Server I changed the preference - and we can embed to our hearts' content.

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