Here is what I want to do: hook up a keyboard shortcut with an action to play/pause the video that is currently open in a Google Chrome tab. Would it be possible on Mac OS X?

I was thinking about keeping Youtube always in a particular tab (e.g. the first one) and creating Automator script with a keyboard shortcut. I know it would be possible by simulating user actions (switch to particular tab, simulate click, go back to last tab) but I'm looking for more smooth way.


You could assign a shortcut to a script like this:

tell application "Google Chrome"
    repeat with t in tabs of windows
        tell t
            if URL starts with "http://www.youtube.com" then
                execute javascript "player = document.querySelectorAll('#watch7-player embed')[0]
if (player) {
    player.getPlayerState() == 1 ? player.pauseVideo() : player.playVideo()
} else { // if youtube.com/html5 is enabled
    document.querySelectorAll('.html5-player-chrome > button:first-child')[0].click()
                exit repeat
            end if
        end tell
    end repeat
end tell

For Safari, replace execute javascript with do JavaScript.

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