I have seen a shortcut to shutdown mac using key combinations. It includes the use of eject key. But since retina macbooks dont have eject key how do I shutdown/reboot the retina mac.
This link is having query regarding puting it to sleep but I cannot see shutdown/reboot. Is pressing power button and selecting the choice the only option I have ??

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Just use the power button in place of eject for any keyboard shortcut that worked with eject (this also applies to older MacBooks, by the way).


To gracefully and quickly initiate a shutdown of a retina mac (or any mac that doesn't have a media eject key) press ctrl+power (to display the shutdown dialogue box) you can then release those keys and, since shutdown is the default selected option, just press return to shutdown the mac.

To restart gracefully press ctrl + power. Again, this will pull up the shutdown dialogue box but you will have to mouse over to the restart option to select it. This isn't a true 'keyboard shortcut' but I am not aware of one existing.

For many keyboard shortcuts you can use the power button in place of eject, but for the shutdown and restart commands doing so will initiate a hard shutdown/restart and you may loose data.

Note: The ctrl + power key combination is the same as holding down power and waiting ~2 seconds for the shutdown menu dialogue to appear.

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