I have about 53GB of photos in my Aperture library which is stored on my internal HDD. I would like to move this library onto an external hard disk and continue to use Aperture without any loss of images, etc.

Is there anyway I can do this?

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Yes you can, here are the steps:

  • Connect your external disk
  • Open Finder and go to <your home folder>/Pictures
  • move the Aperture Library.aplibrary file to a location on your new disk
  • Open Aperture and go to preferences ( from menu or by pressing +, )
  • On the General tab, change the location of the library to where you copied the Aperture Library.aplibrary file

That's it, the library is now on your external drive.

  • ALso if you just double-click on the Aperture library from the new drive, it will open Aperture using that library and keep doing so until it cannot find it. Feb 14, 2011 at 5:56

Or before opening Aperture, hold down the Option/Alt key then click o Aperture to open. Aperture will ask you where your library is, then you can point it to your external drive.

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