I setup a PPTP VPN on mac os x lion, on the advanced tab I do not have the send all traffic over VPN connection checked. I only want traffic to a specific server connected to go through the vpn, everything else should not be sent over the vpn.

Where do I look to find out which IP addresses will be included for traffic over the vpn and which ones will not?

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Have you tried using the route command to declare a static route?

For instance, I use the following with my VPN:

sudo route -v -net -netmask -interface ppp0

This tells any traffic going to 10.41.x.x to go over the VPN interface (ppp0).


I had to add add to your command for it to work on OS X.

First, connect your vpn and find the interface name: ifconfig. Mine was also ppp0. Then run: sudo route -v add -net -netmask -interface ppp0.

-net is a modifier on the add command. Works like a charm.

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