I'm thinking about use Ubuntu's Rythmbox to synchronize music, but I need the iTunes from my windows to get some apps.

If I plug my ipod to a windows with no musics on it (to get my apps), my musics will be deleted from ipod?


I can confirm what Nathan G. reported. I have a computer with Windows, and when I plug my iPod on that computer, it says me it is already synchronized with an iTune library; it asks me if I want to synchronize it with the library present on Windows, warning me that the content of the iPod will be deleted, if I decide to do so.

I didn't select Manually Manage Music in both the computers.


In my experience, it asks you. You can say no. However, I'm not sure if this requires Manually Manage Music to be checked in the Summary tab.

As always, make a good backup just in case.


Go into the Preferences of iTunes. Under the Devices tab, there is a checkbox for "Prevent iPods and iPhones from syncing automatically". Make sure that option is checked and you are in the clear.

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