I have been using voice navigation in Apple's Maps app for iOS 6. I keep the phone in one of my car's cup holders because I am mostly using it in my home area where the maps on the screen aren't necessary. But when each navigation instruction is announced, I see the screen come back on. Sometimes I have my car charger, and sometimes I don't. But regardless of that, the screen coming on when I don't want to or can't look at it is just wrong for this usage scenario. Can I do something to keep the screen off and only use voice navigation?

EDIT: I reported this to Apple through bugreport.apple.com .

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I know this doesn't solve the Apple Maps portion of the question but Google Maps does not behave like this and IMHO is better than Apple maps.


I reported a bug to Apple through bugreport.apple.com. It looks like there isn't currently a solution for Apple's Maps app on iOS.

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