I want to install a fresh version of mountain lion via usb stick on my macbookpro (early 2011) + new Samsung 840 SSD. (NVRAM cleared, HDD Empty)

1.) I created a usb installer as described here: http://macs.about.com/od/macoperatingsystems/ss/Create-Bootable-Copies-Of-The-Os-X-Mountain-Lion-Installer_4.htm
2.) Rebooted, Pressed ALT/Option
3.) selected the USB Stick as Boot medium
-> After a little while a forbidden icon is displayed

The internet recovery works fine, but installs 10.7.5 .. i want 10.8.2.

What is the problem here? How to fix it. I dont want to install 10.7 and update to 10.8.


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Resolved the issue using the Lion DiskMaker

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