Could someone tell me how to retain the email window to the full page size eachtime I open entourage.?

When I open the new email window it opens in a small window, in then have to drag the window to use it comfortably.

I close down reataining these sizes and when I open the entourage later it always goes back to the small window!

It is driving me crazy?


It's most likely that your Entourage preferences file is corrupted in some fashion. Try this:

  1. Close Entourage.
  2. Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.Entourage.plist.
  3. Move the file to the Desktop.
  4. Open Entourage, resize the window to your preferred size. Entourage will automatically make a new preferences file.
  5. Close and open Entourage again to test that the change sticks.

If all is well, you can trash the original com.microsoft.Entourage.plist file from your Desktop.

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