When my iPod's sound is off, the symbol to show that it's off stays on the screen for the whole time until I turn it up at least one notch. But when I do, it turns itself all the way down back to zero, then I have to keep redoing the process every 2-5 seconds, I can't do anything with it on! And this is with and without headphones.

Does anyone know what might be causing this and how I can stop it happening?


Your volume down button is stuck.

If there’s no damage and you’re in warranty, go get it replaced. If it’s quite old or damaged, and not worth $100 to fix, you can try to push/pull the volume buttons yourself. (If there’s a dent in the iPod metal housing near the buttons it may involve trying to bend or dent the housing to allow the buttons a little more room.)

Good luck.

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