I have a jailbreaked iPhone 4 and I updated from version 5 to v6 in wifi.

The screen shows only the recovery mode, but when I connect it to iTunes, it detects the iPhone but needs to update it.

When I restore it to the last version or to v6 I get a restore error 2009

I tried with 2 different computers (win7-8) and 2 different cables, but I still get this 2009 error.

I tried to enter DFU mode with redsnow but it didn't work, as the power button doesn't work, and it showed again the recovery mode.

Any thought ?


You can try entering DFU mode by using the DFU IPSW feature with redsn0w.

From what I understand it will create an IPSW and you can click Shift+Restore in iTunes, point to the IPSW redsn0w made and iTunes will put your device in DFU mode.

From there you can try restoring normally with iTunes.


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