I recently spilled liquid on my 2012 13' macbook air (4,2) and now I would like to access the data that is (hopefully) still stored on my harddrive. What would I buy to read the data externally, as my laptop is currently not working. Is there a special wire or case that I have to get?

Thanks in advance for any help.


This site claims that the drive is not officially user replaceable, but it’s simply a case of the connector being different.

But you say it’s the Mid 2012 model 4,2? That is the model number for the Mid 2011 model as per the specifications listed here. iFixit has a good rundown on how to get to that one. And Other World Computing sells and external enclosure called the Envoy that can take that internal SSD and make it an external USB 3.0 drive. Instructions on how to install a drive in that Envoy enclosure are here as well.

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