I have an odd problem. I got an iphone5 and of course, I want all my contacts from my nokia into my iphone, I imported the contacts into outlook, then exported to an csv file, then imported to gmail and it worked perfectly until that point. When I imported the gmail contacts to my iphone, all the names were there, but barely any mobile numbers. However, in my gmail profile everythings seems to be ok, so I doubt that there is a field organisation problem. If anyone has an idea, please help me, that thing is driving me crazy! Thanks!


I found out what was wrong. It seems the phone number types were the problem. They were classified as "Other". I changed them all to "Mobile" and it worked.

I hope this helps somebody, because I looked the problem up for hours and didn't find a solution.


Instead of passing through Outlook and Gmail to transfer nokia contacts to your iphone - i'd simply use the Nokia Desktop Sync sofware to export the nokia contacts to your pc then import the contact files from the PC to the iPhone using an app to import contacts to iPhone.

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