I use the CrashPlan software to run backups of my NAS to an offsite machine. I'd also like to use it for backing up a Time Capsule to the remote machine.

How do I do this so I don't impede Time Machine's backups?

My Time Capsule is a disk on a Mac Mini Server that backs up an MBP. I've tried backing up the file Time Machine Backups/Backups.backupdb to a remote machine with CrashPlan, but this causes Time Machine on the connected clients to stop working.

How can I backup a Time Capsule?

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Time Capsule supports copying backups stored on it to an external USB-disk (put in the USB-port on the device).

You need to trigger it through the Airport Tool.

After copying the copy can be used as a Time Machine disk when restoring files or reinstalling OS X.

(I do not use the TC as a network disk, so any files stored there, must be manually copied)

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