I'm about to install Mountain Lion to my Macbook Pro. But before I go for an upgrade, I've search some information about the Mountain Lion. Some says that their iLife was removed after upgrading. I'm using iLife 11 on Mac OSX Snow Leopard, and I still have the Application discs.

Are the iLife install discs still compatible with Mountain Lion?

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Your version of iLife is fully compatible with Mountain Lion. It is actually the current version that ships with Mountain lion. There is no reason that installing Mountain lion should overwrite or otherwise remove your version of iLife. A standard installation should always preserve all of your applications and user settings.


The short answer, as given by soxman, is yes: the iLife apps will work, and even the DVD edition can be updated to the latest version.

However, the signing certificate used on some versions -- definitely on the MBP 2011 OEM disc -- has expired, resulting in a warning or immediate installation failure.

In the latter case, a selective package installer such as the nag-screen shareware Pacifist will easily work around the issue.

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