I have a new MacBook Air. I would like to run Wireshark on it. But when I choose capture in Wireshark there is no interfaces to capture from. Doesn't Wireshark have support for the MacBook Air WiFi nic?

How can I use Wireshark on a MacBook Air?

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You need to set the right permissions.

Go into Terminal and enter the following commands:

cd /Library/StartupItems  
sudo chown -R root:wheel ChmodBPF

You might need to restart the computer to take effect. You also need to be admin (a sudoer) to perform these commands

I should mention that you need to have copied ChmodBPF from the .dmg file for Wireshark into the /Library/StartupItems folder as described in the 'Read me first' document. ChmodBPF is a file located in the Utilities folder in the .dmg


I just run it by doing

sudo open /Applications/Wireshark.app/

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