In iTunes, I know you can save a Genius Playlist, and you can see a few songs ahead in a Genius Mix by looking at Up Next, but is there any way to actually save a Genius-Mix-generated playlist?

Or is it that the Genius Mix playlist doesn't even exist (more than the few songs in Up Next)? Like, is iTunes just popping another random song (of the appropriate category) on the end of the list?

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You can do so with this AppleScript.


This script will copy the tracks of a playing Genius Mix playlist to a new "dumb" (regular) playlist, which, for example, can be copied/sync'd to older iPods that do not accommodate Genius Mixes. You can subsequently copy the contents of additional Genius Mix playlists to the new playlist, refill it, or create more. (Each Genius Mix playlist only contains about 70 tracks maximum, which is why you may have several, say, "Rock Mix" playlists.)

Doug's Script: http://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/ss.php?sp=dumbdowngeniusmix


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