How would I assign

  • ⌘1 to Music (Library item)
  • ⌘2 to Movies
  • ⌘3 to Podcasts

Surprisingly enough, these key bindings are not assigned to anything yet, and IMO they would be most convenient ones (see e.g. Mail.app).

I can't see any relevant item in AppleScript dictionary for iTunes…

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For each Source/Library item (Music,Movies,Podcasts) you want to open with a shortcut, create a new Applescript as follows

tell application "iTunes"
    set view of front browser window to (get some playlist whose special kind is Podcasts)
end try
end tell

replacing "Podcasts" with "Music” or "Movies", and save it with to your ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts folder (if this doesn´t exist, create it!), giving it an unique name (like "show podcasts","show movies").

Next, open "System Preferences">"Keybaord">"Keyboard Shortcuts" and select "Application Shortcuts". Click on the little "plus" button to add a new shortcut with:

Application: iTunes
Menu Title: show podcasts   —this has to be exactly the name you gave your script
Keyboard Shortcut: <press your desired shortcut, eg. "cmd+2">

Now pressing "cmd+2" (or whichever shortcut you defined) while being in iTunes will open the Podcast library item.

  • Genius :-) That's exactly what I was hoping to achieve.
    – piobyz
    Commented Feb 8, 2011 at 7:41
  • Do you know any workaround for "Apps" item (special kind (none/Books/folder/Genius/iTunes U/Library/Movies/Music/Party Shuffle/Podcasts/Purchased Music/TV Shows, r/o) : special playlist kind)?
    – piobyz
    Commented Feb 8, 2011 at 12:17
  • Unfortunately, no. And if i select Apps/Ringtones and try to get their name/id, nothing returns. :-(
    – Asmus
    Commented Feb 8, 2011 at 16:03

Try going into Settings → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts tab → Application Shortcuts in the left panel.

There you can add a custom shortcut to any specific application menu item. Just add itunes to the list and add your shortcut.

  • There are no such items in iTunes' menu.
    – piobyz
    Commented Feb 7, 2011 at 8:38
  • @piobyz It's not the menu in iTunes. It's the global settings on your Mac. Commented Feb 7, 2011 at 9:37
  • 1
    This does not work here, as there are no menu items in iTunes to select sources that then could be triggered from "System Preferences">"Keybaord">"Keyboard Shortcuts"
    – Asmus
    Commented Feb 7, 2011 at 11:32

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