I'm a programmer, and I find Mac's QuickLook a really great feature for quickly becoming familiar with a particular code base. Basically, I open up a Finder window in the directory where my code files are, I push the spacebar (to evoke QuickLook), and then I arrow key up/down/left/right through all the files and scroll within QuickLook as needed.

The problem that I run into are files with no extension and files with unknown extension. How can I convince the Mac to attempt to QuickLook these files as text files (which they usually are). Also, it's really nice how QuickLook automatically colors the code based upon the type of code it thinks it is. How can I extend the types of code files that the Mac recognizes? For instance, I want to be able to QuickLook the code in a *.html.erb file or a *.js.erb file.


Take a look at the QuickLook Stephen plugin, it opens almost everything I throw at it (as long as it is text based).

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