I often find myself creating the same structure by hand in finder for new projects, how can I quicken this process with a single Terminal Command?

Example of structure & command:

Terminal $ cf Project_Name //cf for CreateFolder

Creates a folder in the current Path with current Date -> YYMMDD Project_Name

In that folder a custom structure:






Something like

mkdir -p "`date "+%Y%m%d"` Project_Name"/_layout/_screens

should do the trick. It is plain vanilla unix.

  • Great thanks, I added this now to my .functions cf () { mkdir -p "date "+%y%m%d" $1"/_layout/_screens mkdir -p "date "+%y%m%d" $1"/_material/ cd "date "+%y%m%d" $1" open . } – Florian Jan 13 '13 at 13:38

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