I have a weird problem on mac (OSX 10.7): any theme or font I choose - all fonts appear in bold. I sync all settings with Dropbox and on Windows 7 and Ubuntu the fonts are normal.

Don't know if it's an OSX problem or sublime, but did anyone run into this issue?

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Uncheck "Use LCD font smoothing when available" in System Preferences > General then restart Sublime Text.


on retina screen, i was used "font_options": ["gray_antialias"] and got perfect result


I haven't expereinced this issue but it looks like in your sublime preferences you can define font options in which you can say no_bold

    // Valid options are "no_bold", "no_italic", "no_antialias", "gray_antialias",
    // "subpixel_antialias" and "no_round" (OS X only)
    "font_options": ["no_bold"]

From StackOverflow

  • I already use no bold
    – ilyo
    Jan 11, 2013 at 18:27

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