I've recently upgraded to OSX 10.8 and have discovered that the Contacts Application can no longer access our Active Directory 2003 domain via LDAP. I have confirmed that the exact same settings work for OSX 10.7 and Mac OSX 10.6 which are [generalised to]:

Server: dc01.subdomain.domain.com.au  
Port: 389  
Searchbase: DC=subdomain,DC=domain,DC=com,DC=au  
Scope: Subtree  
Authentication: Simple  
Username: domain\username  
Password: password 

If I do a search on the LDAP with these setting I just get a spinning progress indicator. Console doesn't seem to display any errors with contacts.

Does anybody know if there are any workaround to getting 10.8 contacts to read AD 2003 LDAP?

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Try switching the port from 389 (Apple's default) to 3268. I had the exact same problem until I switched the port number.

Credit the OS X Hints folks for solving this one.

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