I've enabled Parental Controls on a new Nov 2012 iMac being used in a school for public access (OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion) and have restricted the applications this account can use. Everything works fine with the exception of Avid Media Composer (the main reason we purchased the iMacs...). Avid Media Composer is marked as an application that the account is allowed to use in the parental control settings.

When I try to start Avid Media Composer under this account, a message pops up saying that this user doesn't have permission to use the application, giving the following three options:

  • Always Allow...
  • Allow Once...
  • OK

When clicking Allow Once, I have to enter the admin account username and password and the app starts without problems. But when I click Always Allow, it asks for the admin account as well, but then pops up the same message again and again. I have verified that I'm using the right admin account username and password, but it's still refusing to run the application.

When I disable parental controls, everything works, but the moment I turn it on again, it fails, despite having Avid Media Composer in the list of allowed applications for this account.

In the Console application, I can see the following error message whenever this happens:

com.apple.launchd.peruser.504: ([0x0-0x1de1de].com.avid.mediacomposer[2033]) Job failed to exec(3) for weird reason: 13

Has anybody else experienced this or knows how to fix this?

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I found this problem too! Turn off parental control and it works fine. Interesting as I have two Mac Pros and one with PCs on does allow MC to work. The other with the PCs on and it does not. I suppose best answer is to turn off Parental Controls for an separate account just for users whom use AVID.

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