I have several clients who have Airport Extremes and Macs at their houses. They all have dynamic IP address from their ISP. I want to have their Airport Extremes register their IP addresses with my server, which has a static IP. Does anyone have a guide to set this up?

For example, if my domain is xyzdomain.com I'd like to register clientA.xyzdomain.com on my server.

I realize I need to host my own dynamic IP server, but I'm not having much luck finding instructions for OS X server (10.8).


You can try and host your own dynamic DNS service or you could use one of several online dynamic DNS companies.

While I have not implemented it, this MacOSXhints article appears to be a fairly straightforward solution via a FreeDNS account:


  • I would like to host it myself but I'm not having much luck finding instructions for 10.8. – Hines Network Jan 14 '13 at 21:48

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