I'd like to open a new Terminal window in Terminal.app. I'd also like to be able to customize this window (color, text, etc.), based on one of my pre-defined defaults, or based on something else not yet set in Terminal preferences.

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  • CMD+n opens a new terminal window.
  • CMD+t opens a new terminal tab.
  • If you want to open something other than the default Terminal, use the techniques here to open a pre-defined Terminal setup. You can also do CMD+n,i,Tab to bring up the Inspector, then use up/down arrows, or type the names, which lets you choose a pre-defined Terminal.
  • If you want a setup hard-coded and not yet known to Terminal.app, follow these instructions.
  • Thanks for the great answer, I added more to my OP. Could you help me with that also?
    – prosseek
    Feb 2, 2011 at 16:59

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