I have a collection of image files grouped into folders named Project_01, Project_02, etc. Using Automator, I have composed a workflow that asks the user for a folder, and combines the images in that folder into a single PDF document. The destination folder for the output PDF file can be determined with a variable; however, the file name field of the action expects a constant string.

Is there any way, maybe through renaming, that I can Automator have the output file give the name of the containing folder, e.g. Project_01.pdf?

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If you already have a variable with the name you want, the easiest way would be to add a Rename Finder Items action after the PDF is created. Set it to Name Single Item, and you can just drag in the variable as the new name.

rename finder items

  • That's exactly what I needed. Thank you! I didn't even know the variables view existed until now!
    – waldrumpus
    Dec 22, 2012 at 8:42

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