I would like to know how much power would a mac Mini consume per month/year if:

  • always powered, but under very low load web server
  • OS, probably Ubuntu
  • two drives: one SSD and one HD.
  • model Early 2010, Core duo 2

I know that the manufacturer specification says it would consume between 11W-85W.

How can I convert this to Amps?

  • That largely depends on how much power you need to draw for whatever you are running on it... – Gerry Dec 21 '12 at 12:01

If the idle power consumption was 11 W and the maximum was 85 W, the average might be something like 15 W if it's under very low load.

That would be about 500 MJ per year (15*86400*365).

If you paid 0.15 USD per kilowatt hour for electricity and the Mac mini was on all the time, it would cost about 20 USD per year (0.15*0.015*24*365).

15 W is about 65 mA with 230 V (European) voltage and 125 mA with 120 V (North American) voltage.

  • Thanks! BTW, how does this relates to the pricing asked for electricity by the hosting providers. I've seen that they specify things like: 2A and pay x$ for every additional 0.5A. – sorin Dec 21 '12 at 12:53

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