I've seen many iPad whiteboard apps but all seem to be either iPad only (eg Whiteboard Mojo) or are read-only from the web (Jot) or require local connection via wifi (splashtop) or make you pay for every Internet session (whiteboard HD). I don't mind paying for the app, but I want to use this for business, and nickel and diming per session isn't going to work. (How would people get reimbursed?)

So I want an app I can buy once and use for as many Internet whiteboard sessions with other iPads and desktop machines as I want.

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This seems like it would be a good solution for you. No installation required, it should run on almost any desktop.

A Web Whiteboard

This product also may meet your needs.



Have you tried WizIQ’s education apps for mobile learning on your iPad or Android tablet (http://www.wiziq.com/mobile/ ? I suggest you have a look at it.

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Try Jot!. It's a whiteboard app that you can also use in desktop pc's through it's Live Sharing feature.

visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jot!-whiteboard-free/id371937922?mt=8 for more info.

Disclosure: I am affiliated with the makers of this app.

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Try one of these 3 http://idienstler.de/759/3-kostenlose-online-whiteboards/ the first is my personal favourite.

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DISCLAIMER: I am strongly interested in the product I suggest below, so maybe I am biased unintentionally, but I try to be as object and factual as possible.

Ziteboard is a virtual whiteboard web app running on any device with any operating systems with all major web browsers. The service is optimized for Ipad with Safari as it stated in the FAQ page. It's clutter free UI design ensures that the service run even on smart phone. Cross-platform is important when you don't know (in advance) that your collaborators what device use.

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