The new iPad chargers are sort of a brick containing the transformer, with a detachable corner piece containing the appropriate mains plug for wherever you bought it.

An iPad 4 charger with corner detached lying on its side

The corner piece looks like it connects to the brick with a standard unpolarized C7 socket / C8 plug:

A standard C8 plug.

I'm going from Europe to America and don't have an official bit to swap in on the charger, but I have a dozen C8 mains cables from other electronics. Can I just use one of them?


I happen to have a C8 plug from my PS Vita charger, and my iPad (3rd gen) charger here. I plugged them into each other, and plugged in my iPhone. Sure enough, it started charging my phone.

picture showing c8 plugged in to ipad charger

So yes, this does work fine. C8 plugs will plug into the iPad 3 chargers.

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