Someone who has the new iPhone 5 said you can charge it from a regular Micro USB port but he's not tested it.

Can you?


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Yes - just get a simple pass through adapter to plug the male USB into an adapter that fits in the lightning slot.

There are also knock off and legitimate third party adapters being sold, so you can pick your price point / fit and finish / support sweet spot.

Apple micro USB to Lightning adapter


Just to confirm what bmike said: I have one of Apple's micro-USB-to-Lightning adapters, and am using it with the cable from an Amazon Kindle. The combination works flawlessly on both the charging and data-synchronization fronts.


Just tried with Amazon Kindle cable. iPhone charger, Kindle Cable, Apple adapter, iPhone 5s. No luck though. iPhone says: not a certified cable, might not work flawlessly. it does not charge. :(


Too scared to try as Verizon Wireless said it will fry your Iphone 5

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    Hmm - perhaps some other qualifier was present in the conversation? USB is 5.0 V DC at 500-900mA unless the device request a larger charging current. Since the iPhone 5 also charges from the same USB ports (albeit with different cable) it seems odd to presume this would fry anything.
    – bmike
    Apr 21, 2013 at 21:32

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