I've been trying to install Ubuntu server on my Mac mini 6,1 with no success. However now I'm stuck and can't even reinstall OSX from a USB key. I've created it on my MBPr, and tested it there : it works fine.

Now when I try to boot from it in the Mac mini, I get a grey crossed-circle and the Mac mini shuts down.

Does anybody knows a way to fix that ? Thanks


You can hold down the keys [cmd] + [r] while the mini is shut down and then push the power button. This should lead you to the recovery via the Mac App Store.

Take a look at:


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The crossed circle means you are trying to launch an unsupported version of Lion.You'll need the right version, best to Format/Reinstall via the Lion Internet Recovery function by pressing cmd+option+r on startup.

If this doesn't work, you may need to reformat and wipe the drive on another machine before it can be used.

Finally if all else fails it could be a hardware incompatibility, try and remember if you've changed anything recently, it could seem innocuous at first but little things can make big problems.

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