I use the Listary software everyday (most of the time) when I use Windows. Its features are

  • find folder and files as you type (in the current folder)
  • smart commands like open this directory in command prompt
  • access Listary from anywhere
  • favorite and recent file and folder from anywhere
  • support (of above features) for various application

You can see the features in action in this Listary features video screencast.

Alternativeto.net does not give any interesting alternative for mac.

I would like to know is there any app out there like that one for Mac?


Have a look at http://alternativeto.net/software/listary/?platform=mac, in particular Alfred, Quicksilver and LaunchBar.

  • You should first see the video link I provided first. Listary feature is different from Alfred, Quicksilver and LaunchBar. – twnaing Dec 13 '12 at 17:51
  • 2
    @TunWN I took the time to watch the video. As there are no "generic Windows lists" on the Mac, no Mac app will support them. Apart from this, all suggestions from MrMage are useful and fulfill the criteria you named -- the actual workflows may be a bit different though. – myhd Jan 15 '13 at 11:33
  • 1
    Thanks @myhd, Alfred & LaunchBar are just as Listary for Windows. Excellents recommendations. – Gabrielizalo Apr 9 at 11:03

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