For some teaching efforts, especially running through tutorials, I'd like to zoom in on parts of my screen to show a room-full of people small text from the projected screen. Is there an OS X utility that will magnify sections of the screen as I move my cursor over it? I know about OmniDazzle but the magnifier is somewhat clunky.

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    You could also press control and scroll which will zoom in the whole screen.
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    Commented Dec 9, 2012 at 11:10

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Go to System Preferences, then Accessibility. There will be a column on the left for Zoom, which you can use a keyboard shortcut to activate.

macOS Accessibility, Pictures

Once activated, hitting --+ will zoom the screen.

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You don't say which version of osx you are using, in 10.8.2 go to system preferences, accessibility, zoom, then under zoom style select picture-in-picture. The zoom box will follow your cursor. Older versions had this option not sure of the steps for other versions.


Try the following apps:

There are at least one other, but Zoom It app is the one that most reviews recommend. I use it with a 40 inch 4k display. Awesome!


Digital Color Meter can do that but unfortunately AFAIK its window is not resizable.

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