I want to replace Superdrive in my MBP mid 2010 with Otpibay SSD.

I have 2nd revision (rev 2/rev B) of mother board replaced due to GPU problems.

Which drive should I consider? I would like to omit 1.5Gbps problem and have some TRIM/Garbage Collector. I wont spend to much money.

I'm thinking about:

  1. Intel 520 120GB - SLI SandForce
  2. Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB - SLI SandForce
  3. Intel 330 120GB - SLI SandForce
  4. Samsung 840 Pro 128GB (TLC) - MDX
  5. Samsung 840 120GB (TLC) - MDX

Should I worry about SandForce in Optibay?


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