This thread is a part of the major thread about using iPad for education purposes here.

Editing is slightly ambiguous term but here it means things such as collages here, merging, annotation and such things. I define this term here by purpose openly to categorize different threads that usually addresses PDFs but possible other similar threads in Apple SE.

So how can I do the editing in iOS?

The goal is to make some material visually-more-accessible so the word may contain things such as certain graphs and analysis things.


I have outlined the things in three categories Input, Writing and Visualization. You see a picture or a homework, you see it i.e. you store it to your brains -- or you can scan it with your iPad or iPhone. You realize you want to add some material to it so you may add a photo -- vizualisation -- or write something.

I. Input

I. Readdle Scanner: photocopy & edit to adjust lightness etc and to store physical

II. Mathematical Apps such as Quick Graph, Sage Math and TouchDraw to process mostly mathematical ideas

III. Conceptual tools such as general-graph-tool iThoughtsHD and linguistic-analysis-tools such as Wordflex

enter image description here

II. Writing

Text Processing

I. TeX Writer

II. Business apps such as Pages, Numbers and Keynotes to generate things fast


I. PDFPen (if you need only merging, check PDF Merger)

II. PDFExpert

III. GoodReader (somewhat limited editing tools)

III. Vizualisation

Image Processing

I. ProCreate

II. Echograph for generating short GIF videos from images


I have tried most collage apps in iPad and iPhone but I only like the following

I. MyFrames app

II. FrameArstist app

Somewhat-marketed apps such as Layout have bugs in writing and developer not responding and apparently not developing anymore.


Personally, I use a massive amount of different editing tools. You can see some results here. It is sometimes slow when missing the right tool but generally I really like doing one thing well even though it may take a bit more time.

It is pretty easy: you see something, you process it somehow and in every step you may need a specific app for your purpose. For brainstorming, you may want to have a look in input part while editor may want to look at vizualization part and writing part. I use the above tools but my tools will change because the environment changes. When I started with iOS, I had no OSx but later I got it making some steps easier -- however I am able to write long essays with photos and graphs in iOS without touching a proper desktop. It is not however the most efficient way of doing things so I use nowadays iOS besides OSx.

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