I write iMessages in different languages, depending on who the message goes to. Text input is very difficult if auto-completion/correction is using the wrong dictionary. Is there a way to assign a language for my contacts, so that iMessage will pick that up? Or if not, is there at least a quick way (without leaving the app) to switch languages manually?

  • I asked Apple for this feature through their feedback form 4 years ago. Still I have to tap the globe practically every time I write a message on my stupidphone. Especially strange for this multinational company to expect users to monolingual. I am switching between three languages all the time, why can't my 'smartphone'?
    – rrustema
    Oct 15, 2015 at 15:25

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I don't think automatic switching is available at the moment but a quick way to switch manually without leaving the app is to enable multiple keyboards. You can do this is Settings -> General -> Keyboards. Your keyboards will now have a globe button next to the 123 button to enable fast switching by tapping the globe and you can hold it down and select the desired language :) Having the keyboard in a different should change the dictionary and autocorrect features automatically.

Hope this helps

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