I like the iOS PageCapture here. I want to find it for Desktop. Where can I find such whole-browser-page-screenshotting app for OSx?

  • "If you use a mac, but don't like the command line then you may want to try Paparazzi or Little Snapper. If you use linux you may be more interested in khtml2png, Matt Biddulph's Mozilla screenshot script or Roland Tapken's QT Webkit script." Webkit2png -app explaining. – hhh Nov 27 '12 at 12:48

Paparazzi isn't a good app. I used it and it didn't work or was very slow to load.

I use a lot Layers Shot and W3Capture, they save the multiple pages or sites and also capture ones whole pages. Layers save as PDF, PNG, TIFF or PSD file. W3Capture, as PDF (separated pages) and PNG (one whole page). I also used a lot Web Slices (free), a sites sncreenshot app.

Go to the Mac App Store, search the apps and follow the apps:
(I can't pots more than two hyperlinks)
1) Layers Shot
2) Web Slices

Out of Mac App Store, W3Capture's link:

More apps that I didn't test yet:
Lightshot Screenshot (it's in Mac App Store and it is free)

I hope this answer help you. Good luck with these apps!


Check out Paparazzi!. It sounds like that's what you're looking for.


If you don't want to use OSx apps, go with your browser -- use Awesome Screenshot Capture -plugin in Chromium here. It has also annotating -features.

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